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Mike and his dad, Richard, embarked on their 3-day guided fishing trip of the Deschutes River this Ocotber 2006. Expertly guided by Travis Johnson, the Phalers thoroughly enjoyed their annual fishing adventure and landed some pretty big steelhead. Many thanks to Deschutes Angler Fly Shop and Travis for providing a wonderful fishing experience.






Richard and Travis - ready to launch


He's got one now!


Look at that! Thanks coach Travis.


Mikey gets one. A 10lb+


Amy says "Hi"

Watch Out Amy, that water looks rough!

Amy Fishing


Mikey lands another.


Travis helps land another.


This one's nice.


Hooked another.


Richard Fishing


And Mikey gets another.


What a good guide!


Break Time.


Thanks for Visiting.
See you again next year.